The best thing about purchasing a genuine leather item is getting to enjoy it for years to come.  It is important to look after your durable good properly so you can be sure it lives up to its heirloom potential.  

The following applies to our English bridle, harness, and latigo leather items.  Do not wash or condition suede. 


Wipe away dirt as needed with a dry or lightly damp cloth.  

If necessary:

For a thorough clean, use a warm damp cloth on the leather where dirt is found.  Lather damp cloth in glycerine-based saddle soap (our favourite is Fiebing Company) and rub throughout bag, evenly and consistently.  Rinse off the soap with a damp cloth.  Avoid soaking the leather.  For areas which are soaked, dry off with a cloth.  Do not let soaking wet leather sit, especially in cold and damp areas as this may encourage growth of mold or make the leather dry out.  


Apply conditioner after washing, becoming soaked, or as needed.  If the leather looks dry, dirty or lifeless, or feels brittle it needs to be conditioned.Conditioning dried leather helps to repair and prevent cracking.  

Our favourite leather oil is our own, handmade from jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and tea tree oil.  We also recommend Passier which can be purchased through many tack and saddle shops.    

Please note that even after years of use, the dyes in leather may still seep, especially when wet.  Use a cloth which you do not mind becoming stained for cleaning leather.