As the owner and designer of Sadelmager, I don’t sell bags, I sell an experience. 

As a saddler’s daughter I have taken the same traditional techniques taught to me by my father from the equestrian industry, and applied them to your apparel. 

I don’t believe you should settle for less than extraordinary.  This is why when I created Sadelmager, I merged timeless style, personalized functionality and durability. I think the pieces you use everyday should last a lifetime. I mean it so much, every item is backed with a lifetime guarantee.

 There is so much we experience in our favourite pieces of clothing, they become more than just an item, but a memento for our most treasured life events.  

Imagine the bag you use on your first day of work being the very same bag you take to your retirement party.  

 Imagine the belt you wear on your wedding day being the same you wear on your 50th wedding anniversary.  

 Imagine that wallet symbolizing your first steps to independence being the same you pass on to the next generation.

 During inception, design and make, I meticulously handcraft each piece with you in mind. Using traditional saddlery techniques, vegetable tanned leather and North American sourced materials, from start to finish “built to last” is my first priority.  

made in canada leather goods 

When you first get it, it’s just a bag.  But as you use it, it becomes an emblem brought to life by you. So you can always wear your life’s memories authentically and so you can immortalize the beautiful life you’ve built.