We use leather because we believe in structural integrity and functional style.  Leather is unique because it is a strong natural material which has the ability to conform to your body.  A durable material, it is able to last years of hard wear and tear preventing excessive landfill wastes (leather is biodegradable) and money spent on one-season wear items.  Leather can be dyed, painted, cut, edged and stamped to make one-of-a-kind pieces.  As well, leather has the ability to be cleaned and repaired when needed. 


Canadian leather company sustainable leather shop Toronto 



Not all leather is the same.  Not all leather is 100% leather.  For all of our leather products we use leather which is vegetable-tanned and comes from tanneries with high standards of quality, usually from Canada or the United States of America.  There are many different tanning processes and grades of leather.  We pick our leather based on strength, durability and integrity.  For that reason we avoid the use chrome-tanned leather

a leather which employs unsustainable processes with chromium.  Since chrome-tanned leather is of lesser quality, it is more prone to breakage and splitting and does not wear as well with time as vegetable tanned leather, we do not use it. 


Vegetable tanned leathers vary in grades as well, although all grades endure water and wear better than that of chrome tanned leather, while being more environmentally conscious.  These leathers vary in softness by the amount of tallow used in process and the thickness, colour, texture and animal used.  Each of these leathers are used in the shop according the project and the type of use the finished product will endure.  For example, English bridle leather is tougher than most other leathers, however, over time smoothes into a strong yet supple leather which conforms to the shape it fits.  Harness leather starts off a bit softer as it contains more tallow, while still maintaining its strength, but is less suitable for certain projects where constant strain and pressure are a concern (i.e.. bridles).  




As well as our leather, we believe in using the highest quality hardware available which serves to be both functional and stylish. 


Canadian leather company sustainable leather shop Toronto


All of our hardware is hand picked to ensure its quality and durability to withstand years of work  and wear while still looking great.  Our hardware comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  Almost all of our hardware is either solid brass or stainless steel unless otherwise specified.  We also have a special selection of antique hardware, some as old as 100 years, to make your piece even more unique. 

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