Our Philosophy

Since our founding in 1999, we have been delivering an everyday luxury product which aims to endure the test of time.  We originated out of the necessity for a product that doesn't compromise style over integrity.  We are about creating a socially and environmentally conscious product.  For this reason we are sweat shop free, locally small-batch handcrafted, North American sourced, and made with intention.  
From knowing your bag is handcrafted just for you, to having an item which will withstand years of use, we are creating a product that is all about the customer experience.  We are creating a product that improves in character and charm from the experiences and memories you create with it.  We create our bags knowing they are made to last years of use and are about timeless style, not fast fashion.  

Our commitment is that we won’t do or make anything we don’t believe in.

Our Social and Environmental Commitments

Our approach is simple: understand and identify our environmental and social impact, and create meaningful positive change.  

How our actions influence the world and how our impact has social implications on people in our community is of outmost importance.  For this reason we are sweat shop free.  Every single aspect of production from sourcing materials, to designing our products and creation, is completed in our workshops based out of Rosemont and North York, Ontario.  We are an inclusive brand by always seeking diverse models for photoshoots because we value accessibility and representation that makes everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.  In addition, we uphold our social values and responsibilities personally by contributing in volunteer work, outreach and anti-racism initiatives.   

Due to our small production and team we have a high level of control over our environmental impact.  This includes actively seeking materials which are local- sourcing from local ma and pa suppliers wherever possible.  We reduce waste by sourcing quality hides and hardware.  We recycle broken and tarnished hardware, and reuse hardware for repairs.  Scrap leather is either sold or given away to local artisans and to those with need such as butcher shops, so it doesn't unnecessarily end up in a landfill.  As hobby farmers we value the protection of our Earth, personally upholding these values by growing organic, keeping bees, and participating in conservation boards, clean stream initiatives and environmental activism.


Our Collection