Belt Fitting

Our belts are "true to size".  To find the best fit for your belt:

-Take a measurement in inches through the loopholes of the jeans, or above the outfit, you plan to wear it with. 


-Measure your current belt from the tip of the buckle to the most used hole like the following picture.

how to measure a made in canada leather belt for true to fit

Typically, belts are 2-4 inches larger than your true pant size. For example, if you wear size a 30 pant, you will likely require a 32-34 inch belt from us. Please do not order your pant size for your belt measurement. Please follow the measurement advice above to get the accurate belt measurement. 

Please note, English bridle leather tends to expand over time with use.  

Learn more about why our belts use a "true to fit" sizing here on our blog.


Suspender Fitting

To take a measurement to size your suspenders, take a measuring tape and from the centre loop of the back of your pants, to one of either loop in the front of the pants.  Please take the measurement in inches.  See last photo for visual representation.  

how to fit made in canada leather suspenders


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