At Sadelmager our biggest priority is quality and that you have a great customer experience.  We are so grateful you have decided to put your trust and hard-earned money into our products knowing that it is built to last a lifetime.  Understanding how important this investment is, we still know that every so often hardware wears, stitching is worn out and things break despite our best efforts to source the highest quality materials available.  Our products are guaranteed for defect in materials and crafts(wo)manship through diligent creation in small batches under condition of normal use to the original purchaser. 


Warranty covers defective leather, hardware, material and manufacturing. It does not cover neglect, misuse, staining, or the natural patina process. Nor does it cover shipping, handling fees, customs or duties incurred from original purchase, replacement or repair.  The nature of working with a medium like leather is the subtleties in the range of variation in colour, grain, markings, finish and texture between each hide. Please allow and expect some of these natural markings and variation in our items in both new and used condition.  


We at Sadelmager pride ourselves in our quality.  If any part of the product you purchased is found defective, we will repair it.  If it is irreparable, we will replace it.  Please note that leather is a natural material, meaning each hide varies.  In addition, our suppliers, colours, finishes and branding changes, and so repairs and replacements will not be exact and will be matched to the best of our ability.  If a product is no longer available and the item is irreparable, you will be given a store credit for the item in need of replacement at purchaser value, less tax and shipping fees. 


Treat your leather well, and it will age well.  If you treat it poorly, it won't last as intended.  We urge you to please refer to our maintenance and care page for details on how to care for your items.   We know that with our grade of materials you will be satisfied with your goods that will last the test of time.  So keep your leather from soaking, apply oil as needed, keep out of exposure to mold and use your goods as they are intended.  We cannot cover self repaired items, so please do not glue wallets where stitching has worn, or use a screw driver to add holes to your belt.  


We want you to know that we value your investment in our quality, and so if you have any problems or just questions about the use of our product, please contact us and we are very happy to help.

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