Meet the Maker

When people ask me how long I've been leather working for, I have a hard time answering.  As a form of art, I feel like the answer is always. 


When I was a child my mom bought me colouring books and I never stayed inside the lines.  I would use the outer edges of the lines to draw my own images, usually horses and dinosaurs.  My mom decided it would be more prudent and cost-effective to opt for blank notebooks instead.  I would spend days inside drawing all day.  Even if my friends came by to ask if I could come out and play, I'd usually prefer to create on my own instead. 


When I was seven, I saw my dad pursue his passion and start his own business, All In Tack.  When he began crafting with leather, I didn't take it seriously, but as I grew older I began working and apprenticing with him.  


This new medium was just an extension of what I had been doing my entire life- creating art.  As opposed to creating bags, belts and wallets, I see my pieces as functional art.  The same consideration, love and emotion goes into these goods that goes into my drawings and paintings.  


It is with the help of Emad Mohammadi that I get to show you what it means to run Sadelmager as an artist and show a bit of the creative process and life that goes into every single piece.  


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