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I am so excited to announce that Sadelmager has officially become a team. 

You may be thinking, "What about Bob?"

My dad and I are the duo behind Sadelmager, but we work very differently. Anyone who knows even a little about business has probably heard "don't mix family and business".  

We heeded this warning prior and have always run separately.  Sometimes we share clients or work on projects together.  Aside from exchanging materials and machinery, our businesses operate independently from one another.  

So when I was lucky enough to meet Baron, I was so excited to finally make my side of the business a team effort.  

Baron has been an amazing help, seriously.  Finally being able to get a full 8 hours of sleep, stay on top of my administration and orders is insane to me.  

Since you'll be seeing much of Baron's work around here, below is Baron's formal introduction, and I'm so excited for you to meet him.  


Hey everyone. 

My name is Baron and I am currently the new content creator and marketing intern for Sadelmager. You’ll be seeing my name and face around here so I wanted to reach out to you to introduce myself.

Growing up, diversity within myself has always been something I desired. Whether that meant through hobbies, cultures or just knowledge & perspectives, I have always wanted to be able to participate or “be in the know”. Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to accumulate a lot of hobbies from a variety of sports, sneakers & clothing, to cooking, with the most recent one being golf, and I’m really trying to improve on that this summer.

Fun Fact: I've actually watched the first 7 movies from the Fast and Furious franchise over 5x.

As a 3rd year university marketing major, this want for diversity has continued to be an achievement I hope to look for throughout my career. Over these last 3 years, my major in marketing has more so become a vessel for me to channel the knowledge I’ve gained from my minors in psychology & professional communications. Apart from the importance of creativity, these minors have showed me the significance in understanding the different thoughts, perspectives, and channels of communication as a marketer. By better understanding the consumers we can help them better appreciate our product.

At Sadelmager, I look forward to showing you guys the values and mission of the brand while sprinkling in a bit of my perspective and creativity to really show what it means to see the beauty of art in everything.


Picture of Sadelmager Canadian leather goods maker marketing intern Baron Liu

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